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Data Entry

To minimize the effort you require to get 'bob' running quickly, we offer data entry services at very reasonable rates. Our trained staff will translate your existing family documentation and enter it into appropriate areas of 'bob' The Child Care Manager. You'll be up and running in record time with this comprehensive service.

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Website Development

Whether you currently have a website or would like to have one, we can develop a website presence with superior graphic design and professionally designed layout that will give your site visitors a user friendly experience.
Because your website will be connected to a secured database, input/output capabilities are enhanced. For example, a page can be developed to display financial, accounting, or even childcare data to specific users assigned by the administrator. The Administration of Users and User Roles/Levels allows us to customize views for every confidentiality requirement.
Best of all, you have the option of administering the site yourself or contracting us to keep your site up to date. Either way you will have a site that you can be proud of and that will allow you to offer your users many more options that you currently can.

We can also take care of all the arrangements for Website DomainName Registration, Website Hosting, and Search Engine Submissions.

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Custom Programming

Although 'bob' the Child Care Manager is continually evolving from suggestions and requests from our client community there are times when we cannot include all of your requirements at time of purchase. Some of the reasons for this are:
  • The requirement is specific to your business need and inclusion into 'bob' would not be in the best interest of our client community.
  • Product enhancements are added to 'bob' quarterly so your current requirements cannot be included immediately. In addition, Focus Technology Solutions reviews all requests and may or may not include them in future updates.

Our development team can get those requirements into 'bob' immediately so that you can reap the benefits now instead of waiting for a future 'bob' update.

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